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AGS was established in 2003, and today is internationally known for services and projects implemented in Kosovo and abroad.

AGS has completed various projects in areas such as: Medicine, Hydrometeorology, Air monitoring equipment, solutions for lifting large weights (crans, etc.) and also solutions in waste treatment.

AGS has new perspectives in increasing the scope of its activity and especially in increasing the quality of service, where the fact that we are certified with: ISO Standade 9001: 2008 and 9001: 2015 stands out.

Why us?


AGS, as proven over the years, provides solutions to problems by combining the best solutions on the market in the areas where it operates.


We at AGS think that the solutions we offer are as stable as possible in the work they do, this has been proven by collaborating with world-renowned firms.


Dedicated care for our solutions, we think are the reason for our success.

Our focus is to help

After the situation created with COVID-19, AGS has given a modest donation of their products, they are the apparatus for producing oxygen at home.

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